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Passive Income is the opposite of Active Income, in simple words.

Active Income is an income where you trade your time and energy in return for money. You earn only till the time you put in your time i.e. till the time you are actively involved in doing something for money, and the income stops once you stop working on it.

However, Passive Income is an income that you keep receiving for something that you’ve worked upon for once or ideally for some time, and then you’re off of it, but the money keeps coming in for long even after you’ve actively / totally stopped working on it! It can also be called Passive Recurring Income which is the usual scenario about Passive Income.

Passive Income sets you free from the rat race by providing Time Freedom and Financial Freedom! It thus let’s you spend time with your loved ones and on things that you love doing in life!

Awesome right! Hell yeah!

Our website demonstrates numerous ways and methods to make money online, rather make passive income online..so that you too can be on your way to really LIVE your life! :)

Enjoy your newfound success that’s awaiting you!

Good luck, God bless and Take care!

– Parimal Thakkar and the Profits In Pajama team :)

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