Hello there, Bloggers and website owners…this On-page SEO tutorial is full of golden nuggets that can Rank your website on first page of Google and serve you some cool amounts of online gold (free targeted traffic that converts into cash!).

I mean, come-on! Higher search engine rankings are so awesome honestly (why the heck they wouldn’t be… free, ongoing, targeted traffic is the holy grail of passive income online!).

This stuff is awesome.

Watch this On-page Optimization video from Brian now..

On Page SEO – 9 Actionable Techniques That Work!

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Cool, don’t you think? I thought so!

Now, do I need to tell you that On-page SEO (i.e. website optimization for keywords, etc.) has changed a lot over the last few years?!

Today, the Big ol’ G (Google) is VERY sophisticated about evaluating a page’s content.. and that means that the old school keyword optimization (or better said, keyword stuffing) doesn’t work as well as it used to, after some updates like Hummingbird, etc.

With every such bird or animal algorithm introduced (lolz..), the certain answer to the question – how to make your website appear on the first page of Google – gets narrowed down to be known by only those who are consistently up with the search engine optimization game!

And further, usually when the sure-shot answer or method is revealed, it usually is quite difficult or time consuming, or both!

BUT fortunately, there still are a bunch of simple techniques that you can use to rank high in Google

Below is the On-page SEO checklist from the video by Brian Dean of Backlinko:

1. Use super short URLs in Posts & Pages
2. Include Target Keyword in the URL
3. Use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords
4. Longer content ranks higher than Shorter content
5. Optimize your Title Tag for CTR (Click-through Rate)
6. Use External Links
7. Use Internal Links
8. Maximize Site speed (I suggest using the Free WP Fastest Cache WordPress plugin)
9. Use / Include Multimedia

I oughtta let you know who I am. My name is Parimal, the Man behind this website, and sharing awesome Make Money Online content is quite possibly the reason for me having chosen to create this video blog. That’s truly my primary objective with all this stuff. 🙂

There is a big “but” though…

Okay, so to be perfectly honest, I’ve got something I need to say. In all reality, the main reason this site exists is a selfish one. You see, I really enjoy watching Online Passive Income videos (like the On-Page SEO Techniques video you just took a look at), and a cool site on which I could re-watch my favorite videos is really what I was after.

I also believe that opportunity abounds online, which is another motivating factor in my decision to create this site. Not gonna lie.

Hopefully you won’t hold it against me if I’m able to generate a little side income from sponsorships and/or product recommendations.

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In the meanwhile,

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It’s a wonderful world we’re living in where we can get paid for sharing our passions. I like to take full advantage. But just know… hitting you over the head with sales pitches is not why I’m here. If you see a product on this site that you think will help, perfect! But if not, I’ll still like ya. You just being here is good enough for me. 🙂

Sharing cool Online Passive Income videos with good people like you is just plain fun for me! 😉

It’s for this reason that I created Profits In Pajama. It’s, for all intents and purposes, a place where you can access tons of Online Passive Income videos all under one roof. It’d be great to see you here again, if that sounds good. 😉

So make this site one that you return to! I will be sharing more and more great videos that tackle subjects including Traffic & SEO, E-com, and Money Methods… and much more.

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It was great having you here!

To your Success,

– Parimal Thakkar



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