What’s up my friend! .. Here I’ve got you an inevitable training on ‘How to Beat Information Overload and Start Making Money Online’; the biggest problem that’s keeping about 90% of Online Income aspirants / enthusiasts from making their first dollar!

In my opinion, Info Overload it is the BIGGEST problem! Why do I say that? .. It keeps you from taking action! Period.

How in the world can you even think of achieving a result without putting (or even starting to put) the required action for getting that result! Makes sense now yeah? Obviously it does!

Many Business Models (Much Information)!:

If you’ve been online for a while, you’ll probably know about these, and most-likely be scratching your head (or even going mad), about what business model you should start working on, from:

  1. Affiliate Marketing (Making Money Online by promoting other people’s products)
  2. Shopify store (Ecommerce – selling physical products)
  3. YouTube (Video Marketing via. YouTube Channel and earning money via. advertisements and product promotions)
  4. Instagram (Influential Marketing)
  5. SAAS (Developing and providing ‘Software As A Service’)
  6. Adsense (Google ads platform)
  7. Many more..

As you see, there are tons of business models online, and even when you’ve started with one of them, you usually end up with another problematic cycle…

The Problem Cycle:

for e.g. …you get into creating a Shopify / Ecommerce store, and after working on it for a month or so you get into Email Marketing because some ‘Guru’ just hypnotized you with some woo woo marketing tactics. And then after a while you get into Video Marketing on YouTube, and it keeps on going for months or even years, literally! (Not to mention you’ve spent a ton of money on training, software, etc. while you do that!)

And what you keep thinking is that you’re learning a lot of different things and it’s so good. It makes you believe that you’re taking action! What action? The action of learning! (duh.. 🙁 ) And you keep doing that for weeks and months! What a waste of Time and Money!!

Want to get out of these vicious ‘Dream Shattering‘ cycles??

The Solution:

Watch Dan’s video below to learn a simple solution (an eye-opener!) on How to Deal with Info Overload and Get Things Done, Finally!

How to Beat Information Overload (And Finally Start Making Money Online)!

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The Solution to Beat Info-overload (Nutshell):

Pick a business model and start it!

If you’re not sure where to start, Dan suggests you do the following (in sequence):

1. Build an audience (e.g. YouTube subscribers)
2. Get into a business model (e.g. Shopify store or Product Review website / Blog, etc.) and then direct that audience to your business (time and again) to generate continuous income!

(Want to know how Dan earns his passive income online? .. Check it out here!)

He says, you have to learn in bit sized chunks and need to take action i.e. apply (practically do) what you’ve learnt on each and every bit!

He also mentions that, ideally, Min 50% and up to 75-80% of your time / efforts should be on performing your business tasks, and 25% of your time / efforts on learning things (only those) that will help you grow your business!

I’m hoping that helped.

Howdy! My name is Parimal Thakkar, the creator of ProfitsInPajama.com, and I’m merely here to share a bunch of seriously fantastic Online Passive Income videos with you. That’s it! That’s all. 🙂

But here goes the “but”…

Look, there is something big to get off my chest. Admittedly, the main reason this site exists is a selfish one. You see, I love watching Money Making and Money Mindset videos (like the “How to Stop Information Overload” presentation you just took a look at), and I honestly just wanted a place where I could re-watch all of my favorites under one roof.

Of course, I do see this as something of an opportunity, as well. Not gonna lie.

I enjoy earning a bit of sponsorship revenues on the side, as I share awesome Make Money Online videos with you. Hopefully, you’re cool with that.

I’m a pretty straightforward person, if you couldn’t tell. But please hear me… in no way is it my intention to sell you anything. If something being offered on my site appeals to you, great! If this isn’t the case, then I’ll still like ya. I’m just glad that you’re here. 🙂

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I’m just cool with watching and sharing Online Passive Income and Money Mindset videos with like-minded people! 😉

So that’s why Profits In Pajama exists. It’s pretty much just a place where you can access tons of Internet Marketing videos all under one roof. Sound good? Great! It’d be great to have you over again some time. 😉

So please keep on coming back! I will just be sharing more outstanding videos about countless things including E-com, Traffic & SEO, and Money Methods… among lots of other things!

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Hoping to see you again soon,

– Parimal

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