This is the question I hear most often: How do I blog? It can be difficult to visualize a blog becoming an empire when you first create it. Many of us dream of owning an Empire blog. However, there are so many hurdles to overcome. It would be easy to believe there is no light at end of the tunnel. Dreams are what keep us going, keep us motivated and excited about achieving our goals. We are driven by a strong desire to succeed and a hatred of failure to win the trophy reward.

A blog that teaches can be very rewarding. Before we can start teaching, we must first decide how to build it. Let’s take a look at some things we need to talk about in order to build Empire.

You want your visitors to enjoy your website’s appearance when you design it. I have been to websites that are ugly and moved on quickly to other sites. Websites that look disgusting are only able to grab a person’s attention for three seconds. It takes very little time to read the content, so don’t worry.

Social media is very important these days. Just look at the young children walking down the street with their phones, never looking up, while they text and ping each other on Facebook. Many of them are texting and chatting on Facebook. You can target Facebook and other social media like Pin, Tweeter and LinkedIn. Don’t overwhelm them with marketing. Keep in mind that most of these people will be your family and friends, and they will ignore your post. They will be motivated by a post of interest here and there, which will encourage them to like your site and promote it on their walls.

Find out what interests you and write about them. There is nothing worse than writing about something that you don’t like. You won’t be able to write about a topic you don’t like. In fact, it will take you three months to get bored. Blogs are nothing more than a journal and require regular updates. Some of us were small children when we started blogging. Every day, we kept a journal that we wrote in. Your blog is just that. You can write in it daily or weekly, but make sure you stick to a consistent schedule.

Once you have found your passion, it is time to start doing keyword research. It’s not a good idea to write without targeting keywords people aren’t searching for. You can target a specific word using a search engine such as Google. Google offers a keyword tool to help you target specific words and phrases. These will show you how many people search for those keywords. You can then determine the number of websites that actually use those keywords. This is easy. All you have to do to find out how many websites contain those keywords is to put the keyword in quotes. You should look for keywords that get around 50,000 searches per year. That’s a little more than 1600 searches per day. Even if you get only 10% of the traffic to your site, that’s still 166 potential customers per month.

No links, no visibility. It is great to create good content, and hope that everyone finds it. To make sure that your readers find you, you need to have authoritative websites link to your website. Find some quality article directories to help you get started writing articles to be an expert in your field. Other blog sites don’t restrict links, and you can link back to your website or article on them. Google “high ranking articles directories” will return a list with the top 50 directories. This will provide a starting point. You can then sort the order by page rank to find which ones are at the top. Let’s say you have five rankings. This is a good starting place. Anyone below five will ignore any authority website with a rank of five or higher.

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