In the competitive world of blogging, you may find yourself questioning whether it’s worth starting your own blog. There are more than 153 million blogs, and this number is growing every day. Blogs were the primary way to express yourself 10 years ago. Today, however, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr are the most popular places to do so.

However, don’t let their dominance stop you from blogging. You have complete control over your blog’s design, who can publish to it, and what content you publish. Your blog can also make you money. Social media sites like Instagram and Facebook rely on your content for income. If you’re willing to invest your time and effort in your creative passions, you will surely reap the benefits.

We all know that life is not free. Everybody has bills to pay. You can make a steady income stream through blogging to pay for the little things you love. You aren’t making money for free, but you’re working hard to earn it. Your blog’s work is yours. You will earn your money by monetizing it with Adsense, short hyperlinks, and other methods. You can advertise your blog for paid product placements or get sponsorship deals from companies that want to use you as an influencer.

It is not a good idea to start a blog to make money. Instead, your primary goal should be to use your blog to share your creativity with like-minded people. While revenue generation is a bonus, it shouldn’t be your primary reason for blogging.


Basic knowledge about keyword research, HTML, CSS templates, hosting, design, and so on is required for blogging. WordPress makes blogging much easier and more straightforward. You can upload your content in a matter of seconds.


Blogs allow you to express your thoughts and feelings, whether you are writing fiction, fact, or simply for fun. You will discover a new world of possibilities for your thoughts and the ability to be someone else when you get into a routine with blogging. You will learn what works for you and your followers as you connect with them and build your blog. The main purpose of blogging is to have fun, enjoy yourself and create what you desire.


You will quickly discover how blogging can help you build your online community. Your blog visitors share common interests. This can allow you to make useful connections with people who can improve your creativity and site performance. Your community can provide feedback through comments and messages which can help you gain a new perspective, which can further boost your motivation to write.


You can learn how to blog and become a better writer. You will learn the lows and highs of your writing abilities as you create a routine. Maybe you have trouble with grammar, sentence structure, fluidity, or grammar. You will find patterns and styles that you like the more you write.

Although starting a blog is not easy, once you have completed the first steps and published your first article, you’ll be well on your way to being a successful blogger. It is important to take your time, learn as you go along and listen to your followers’ opinions. Have fun!

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